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Our Story

Our journey into building the 

World's Best Mobile Distributed Power Generation System

Mobile Distributed Power Generation System

Mobile Distributed Power Generation System

Let me give you a sneak peek at how the Mobile Distributed Power Generation System works. First of all, it's different from traditional centralized power generation, long-distance transmission. It's rather a modular, movable, clean and environmentally friendly power generation system that uses pyrolysis and gasification to convert wastes of all sorts into electricity and heat for warming up homes during cold winter seasons, and it does this without an external power supply. Plus you get to track your energy consumption with a mobile phone app.

Our target customers like business centers, hospitals, schools, small and medium residential areas, understand the havoc an unstable power supply can cause - people could die in hospitals, businesses could lose money etc. All these can be avoided by being proactive rather than reactive.

To be a pioneer in the next generation power supply system, reach to us today to get started. 



This consists mainly of infectious or potentially infectious agents/substance that may endanger the environment and public health. These are wastes resulting from activities of health care facilities, including hospitals, medical laboratories, blood banks, dialysis centers, biotechnology companies, medical clinics, dental clinics, drug factories, research centers, pharmacies, and medical stores. The wellbeing of the public is further safeguarded by our specialized and compliant Biohazard Waste Disposal Services. As a leading provider of Medical Waste treatment services, protecting the people and environment from the risks associated with biohazards are at the core of what we do.

The Medical Wastes are collected from the health facilities by members of our team who are trained to deal with this category of wastes according to the highest standards of safety using a vehicle fleet equipped with cooling system to transfer these wastes to the treatment plant in hygienic conditions based on the nature of the waste.


We pick-up and dispose of Municipal waste which is processed in our state-of-the-art recycling plant where a dual sorting technology is used to segregate the waste. The non-recyclable wastes are taken to our Waste to Energy plant for use. With a combination of the skills of a specialized team, with global experiences & local knowledge, Merivale is well-equipped to handle the needs of private and commercial customers of all sizes and sectors, through a personalized, efficient and environmentally-sound disposal mechanism.


We are licensed to deal with the collection, treatment and disposal of International Waste across the ports. Our innovative collection and handling technique which is carried out by a set of trained personnel makes for a responsible, professional and ultimately safe disposal of International waste in furtherance of the preservation of the soil, water and most importantly the wellbeing of the community. Some of Merivale’s most notable clients include Port Sydney and Port Hawkesbury.


Oil well production fluids are a mixture of oil, gas and produced water. At the oil processing plant of Merivale Waste Management, the production fluids are processed from oil wells which ensures the separation of recyclable and reuseable products from same while the non-reuseable part is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


With the goal of ensuring zero waste to landfills in local communities, we are focused on Environmental Solution for Waste to Energy and Gas fired energy production. To actualize this, Merivale Waste Management deploys the use of cutting-edge technology development and smart solutions in her waste management processes and surrounding activities.


In a bid to solve water pollution related issues, Merivale Waste Management Ltd. improves the quality of water to make it more acceptable for a specific end-use. The end use may be drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses, including being safely returned to the environment.
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